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This site is managed by Yames Isa , however he prefers to be called Jim

he is an international publisher and proficient in using the internet. "Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, I spend more of my time building an online business, because since the beginning of the pandemic I have no fixed income, but I still have income."

Jim was born to a father and mother who came from Minangkabau , from the Koto tribe, the Datuak Batuah, which is in the Bukittinggi area, West Sumatra - Indonesia .

Graduated from SMA Negeri 36 East Jakarta, in the middle of 1992, Jim did not pass the state university entrance examination, but he was accepted into the D-3 Banking Study Program, majoring in Accounting; Polytechnic UI (now Poltek Jakarta). At the end of 1995, after graduating from Poltek UI, Jim tried to apply for jobs to several companies, but no one had called him for an interview. then to fill the time, Jim tried to register himself as a Private Mathematics Teacher, at one of the private teacher distribution agencies in the West Jakarta area.

In mid-May 1996, finally Jim was accepted to work in one of the state-owned banks at that time, becoming a Clerk in the Export-Import Section of Operational Affairs. His office is on Jalan Imam Bonjol.

Jim already had the basic provisions of computer science, which he got from the Polytechnic, after all he was a hobby and very mastered basic programming at that time.

Apart from employees from the IT department, not many people know how to use computers to create applications, rather than playing Tetris and Solitair games.

Because he likes and enjoys computer science, Jim uses the facilities to study IT by self-taught, self-study from books he buys at flea markets / pirated book markets in the Senen area, Central Jakarta. As a result, Jim was able to create a D-Base Application (an application for data processing), Jim tried to automate the routine work he did at the office, namely making a Memorandum of Completion of Export Results, to be sent to all Bank Branch offices at that time.

Routine work that is very easy, which is usually the job, is done by 7 to 10 people for 2 hours. With the DTrade Application, which Jim created, it only took 3 (three) people with -/+ 30 (thirty) minutes to complete it.

Can you imagine the pleasures of working at a state-owned bank at that time, the hours of absence from entering the office started at 8 until home at 5 in the afternoon. The effective time to do routine work is only 2 (two) hours. It's really fun.

While working, not long ago in 1996, Jim continued his undergraduate studies at FISIP UI, majoring in Commerce Administration, Special class, with a concentration in Marketing. One of the lecturers that Jim remembers the most is Pa' Eep Saefulloh Fatah. He is only 6 years older than Jim, still young but very intelligent. When it comes to his subject, namely Political Science, Jim really likes and is excited to be able to attend on time. Kang Eep when he was teaching and conveying according to what was happening, especially regarding the development of politics at that time, it was really fun. Smooth like flowing water. In addition, Jim gained a lot of insight into Social and Political Science from FISIP UI. I got a boyfriend and went out with my contemporaries ... hehe it doesn't work.

However, it seems that only a little formal knowledge and knowledge that Jim has obtained can be used in the workplace. All the work that Jim is capable of doing, is a direct adaptation process, to the place where he works. .. ( to be continued ..) .... Please, Subscribe your email to read my UpdateStory! https://kotobatuah.xyz/subscribe Gets Valuable Info & Feel Free to Make Up Your Mind

sorry it heals and moves us forward
sorry it heals and moves us forward